The Reedley Police Department, Mennonite Central Committee, Kings Canyon Unified School District, Community Youth Ministries, and Reedley Peace Center are committed to a strategy of restorative justice in the community that will help to create a more peaceful, healthy and just community. Reedley Peace Building Initiative (RPBI) makes every attempt to restore relationships between victims and juvenile offenders, prevent offenders from committing further crimes, and promote community involvement through a Restorative Justice method.



Restorative Justice is a framework for responding to crime. It focuses on the injury or harm resulting from crime, and works to repair the damages done to victims, communities and relationships. The balanced method of Restorative Justice has three stakeholders (victim, offender and community) who receive consideration in every case. Restorative Justice is concerned with repairing the damage caused by crime and reducing the frequency and severity of future offenses by focusing attention on the three stakeholders. RPBI is all about building relationships, understanding and trust; promoting peace and the importance of community.


Who We Are

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Restorative Justice Works! Saves Money Saves Time Saves Lives

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Steve Penner – Building Peace in Our Community

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Nzashi Seya Lumeya – Restorative Justice Is Not “Soft On Crime”

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John Swenning – Why Not Use Restorative Justice Alongside Criminal Justice

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Chief Joe Garza, Reedley Police Department – Leading The Way

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Daisy Cardenas – Restorative Justice Gave Me A Second Chance

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Carol Peters – Helping Kids Who Are Our Tomorrow

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Amber Hunt & Elizabeth Beatie – RPBI Mediators Story

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Learn about the exciting events RPBI has had the pleasure of being part of:

Restorative Justice Retreat

Representatives from six police departments across the country attended a law enforcement retreat on restorative justice Nov. 11-13 near Harrisonburg, Virginia. The retreat was co-hosted by the Harrisonburg (Virginia) Police Department and the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice, a program of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University. VIEW MORE...

Presentation at People on the Move Event

The event "People on the Move" gave participants unique access to the complexities surrounding border issues through learning labs, refreshments and a concert. Learning lab leaders provided unique professional insight into issues of migration. Chief Joe Garza and Lt. Marc Ediger of the Reedley Police Department and John Swenning of Mennonite Central Committee presented the Reedley Peace Building Initiative to community members and leaders.   VIEW MORE...

Day of Justice

The "Day of Justice" spotlights Fresno as a model for responding to pressing social problems with restorative justice approaches that repair the harm done by crime. Restorative Justice saves money, time and lives in virtually every aspect of community: schools, criminal justice systems, health care and business. Join local leaders and a collaborative of community agencies in a "Day of Justice". VIEW MORE...


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